I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be presenting at this year’s

Our talk is entitled The Journey to Yes and was inspired by years of working with clients in all sectors and a variety of cultures, all facing challenges in trying to get buy-in, and by extension, influence great design.

We believe that empathy, patience, and communication are the key to getting stakeholder buy-in. Luckily, designers are already well equipped for this task! This talk will help designers sharpen their communication skills by providing 1) essential business frameworks from strategy leaders Stephen Covey and Charles Krone; and 2) conflict resolution and assertion techniques such as fogging, broken record, and negative assertion found in behavioral psychology.

Thank you to the organizers and sponsors of the Summit for this wonderful opportunity to share ideas that I believe will go a long way in helping IA’s move the conversation within the design process to that next level.

The Journey to Yes

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